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Wellness of a particular kind

Would you like to do something for your health and wellbeing e.g. fasting for healthy individuals according to Buchinger or other forms of fasting? Or would you like to experience an informative conducted nature tour? For more details please go to our homepage

You might find an offer that meets your wishes.

Time Out – inner declutter and recreation

Switching off and walking a new path in your life. Gather new energy and be courageous to do something different than you were used to.

Participate in our offer Aktion Auszeit.

Electricity Situation

Our timber house is built of screens of boards, 30 cm thick, according to the Holz100 building technique which shields the inside from radiation (

In addition there are shielded cables and even the bedside lamps are shielded.

There is a VSK Kolganov Fulleren single sphere in the house. See the manufacturer's description (German language) on

No wireless LAN, WIFI, DECT, no Internet nor TV.

No microwave oven.

Transmission and reception for mobile phones is poor in the apartments.

The use of mobile phones around electromagnetic pollution sensitive persons is not desired.

No overhead cables nearby.

There are cell towers on the Laber Mountain Station, near Romanshöhe, at the train station, at the urban district of St. Gregor (NATO school). Please refer to the map of the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) for the position of the various radio plants and EMF (Electromagnetic field) measuring points.

Hotspots are to be found in the village at the Tourist Information, the Passion play theatre and the House of Pilate.

Passion Play 2030

Every 10 years the Passion play is taking place in Oberammergau. It is a solemn promise play from 1684 that depicts the life and death of Jesus the Christ.

Every resident of Oberammergau who is entitled to play, personalises the play during five consecutive days during the week from May to the beginning of October. The play is presented at the Passion Play Theatre in Oberammergau.

It is an ideal time for everyone who wants to go on a nature hike or walking tour around the Ammergau Mountains. As about 4500 people watch the play, you may want to enjoy nature away from all the action.

We offer our apartments for those guests who want to stay more than the two to three day package offer which is the normal arrangement elsewhere. (Minimum stay May to October 2030: 5 days).

If you have obtained your pre-selling tickets for the play (availability starting 2019) and in case you are interested in the subject in more detail you might want to go on a (partial) hiking tour on the Meditation Route (approximately 80 km) between Rottenbuch and Murnau. Feel free to ask. We would be happy to provide you with further information.

Please note that we will not increase our prices for the apartments for 2020.