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The Nature House

The Nature House in Oberammergau Terrace

Our Nature House is as it sounds: built from untreated wood (System Thoma Holz100) and is completely free of lime and preservatives. The solid, weathered floor is oiled, not varnished or waxed. In addition, the house is made from other natural materials such as stone and clay which all in all create a wonderfully cosy atmosphere.

For us a Nature House also means the avoidance of media and electronic machines such as TV and computers. We therefore, request that you either do not bring mobile phones into the house or only when absolutely necessary. Our philosophy is such that our cabling is specially coated in order to prevent the emission of radiation and electrosmog as much as possible.

Through these above mentioned measures and also due to the fact that our heating is wall and under-floor, the house is virtually dust free.

Enjoy the beautiful mountain views and heavenly peace. It stands to reason that our Nature house is in itself a sanctuary where you can escape everyday life, whilst relaxing and reflecting as you gaze at the alps, finding the real you again.

Please note that the Nature House is a nonsmoking area; pets are not allowed.


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The Orchard

Mountain Maple – tree of contemplation, radiating peace, enduring and energising.

Oak – The root is the foundation of all life, strength, energising and grounding.

Ash – hard, tough and stable, balanced between the elements, the ash shows us our centre.

Spruce – reaching for the light towards its destiny. The tree of balance and harmony.

Larch – indestructible, enduring, uncomplicated and adapting, gives security and trust.

Fir – A stunning queen who never hurries, patient and resilient, lives in serenity.

Yew – enduring but pliable are the characteristics that describe the yew, to sleep in the Yew room (scientifically proven fact), affords you the equivalent of an extra hours sleep, making you energized and alert the next morning.

A daily reflection with ones chosen tree strengthens us slowly but surely.

Our Stone Types

Granite »Shiva Kashi« – Shiva Kashi Granite – a hard stone with a yellow/grey background, with red cloud-like patterns, a meeting of heaven and earth.

Jura Marble – Jura Marble – an ancient stone (around 140 – 160 million years in the making) containing fossils like Ammonite and Belemnite which remind us that everything dies but is somehow still present.