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Time out – inner rejuvenation and cleansing

Time-out from everyday life

You have to be brave enough to take this step.

If you can, it’s an escape from our socially pressured routine.

Leave «everyday life» behind, you have that at home!

Be in the here and now, get centred.
Have the courage to let go, maybe it will be the way to a new beginning.

We dared and won. We have left normality and our old lifestyle behind. Here in Oberammergau we have started a new life nestled in the midst of an ancient alpine landscape.
We invite you to stay with us and experience the ambience and wonder of this place in unison with nature.

Our Nature House with its natural materials, shielded appliances, rainwater, solar power and natural electricity production is set in a wild garden not created with compasses and rulers but organically where wild flowers can grow in abundance.

Do You miss the TV?

Try the bigger picture,
Actually in 3D quality.
In every apartment, there is a pair of binoculars.
Enjoy the view of our stunning mountains and beautiful nature.

Switch off and walk a different path for a while. Be brave and try something different for a change.

Are you curious?

Believe us, it’s so exciting.

By the way

In our House of Balance, we offer Fasting the Buchinger way.

Appointments on application, from two people, we prefer the personal touch with smaller groups.

Life is not a means to an end
Life is not to have and to envy
Life is happiness, Love and Joy
For all – for every way

Walk tall, in peace, possibility and Joy